What is a full-service catering company?

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The definition of full-service is providing comprehensive service of a particular kind or offering the complete range of services for a business of its type.

In regards to Savory Cuisines Catering it means our clients can obtain everything they need for an event in their home or at a separate location, all in one place. We provide our clients with an extensive array of event planning services which include but are not limited to, menu planning with tasting and preview, rental coordination, day-of setup and management services, staff planning, walk-through pre-planning and preparation, theme and room design, table-scaping, ambience and much, much more.

Besides the food the next most important aspect of an event is its design. Some people may not know that every single aspect of any great event is designed, or planned, to be just that way. Careful attention is given to specific details such as the colors of table linens and napkins, centerpieces, decorations, the flow of traffic through the event and table layout, timing, lighting, music and accommodations. Depending on what kind of event you are hosting the details can be endless and ever-changing. Oftentimes people can become overwhelmed by the experience and frequently waste time and money by either over-thinking or under-thinking the event. This is why hiring a full-service catering company is helpful to both professional and novice party planners.

Large parties can obviously be a bit more difficult to arrange as greater complications come with greater numbers, however small intimate events can also have their fair share of challenges. Savory Cuisines offers all of our clients, regardless the size of the contact, the same level of service. Our party planners are dedicated to making your event a success and will do everything they can so that your vision for event happens. This means going over books of color and pattern options for your tables, different glass and flatware selections, chairs, flowers, and decorations. It also means a three course food tasting, which helps us create a menu specific to your likes, dislikes and special dietary needs. We schedule a walk-through of every facility in order to visualize the event and finalize details. Last but not least this means we follow-up with clients to make sure the event was everything they wanted and more.

So whether you are planning a wedding, a large corporate party, or your small 30th birthday; we want to help you make it a stress-free and spectacular event!