Catered Beverages

In Boulder County, you need to stay hydrated. Savory Cuisines Catering offers every sort of beverage you’d need for your guests’ tastes. Get caffeinated with spiced chai, hot tea, and fresh 100% Columbian coffee. Get fancy with mint juleps, spiced apple cider, and a variety of alcohol-free punches. Let’s get your Colorado event hydrated in style! Contact Savory Cuisines Catering today to set up a consultation.

100% Columbian Coffee

Served with Cream and Sugar

Spiced Indian Chai

Homemade with Milk or Soy

Hot Tea Selection

Celestial Seasoning Sampler with Cream and Sugar

Chilled Bottled Water

Eldorado Springs

Lemonade and Ice Tea

with Lemon Wedges and Sugar

Gatorade or Red Bull

Specify sugar-free and/or flavors of Gatorade

Assorted Sodas

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, or Hansen’s Natural Sodas

Sparkling Berry Punch

100% Juice with Sparkling Water and Garnished with Blueberries

Sparkling Tropical Pineapple Punch

with Orange Wedges

Peach Julep

Peach Puree, Orange Juice, and Sparkling Water, Garnished with Mint

Apricot Nip

Apricot, Pineapple, and Grape Juice

Hot Apple Cider

Cinnamon Stick and Clove