Savory Cuisines Catering: The Mind Behind The Food

by | Jan 10, 2012 | All Blog Postings, Company Information | 0 comments

Savory Cuisines is really taking Boulder’s Catering scene by storm. Our company stands out from the rest simply because of our attention to details and of course our delicious food. We consistently receive rave reviews regarding our world class cuisines and service. Although it usually takes a small army to pull of each event, our company’s owner, Bob Sargent, is the mind behind the food.

Bob started Savory Cuisines back in 2003 as single father raising a 6 year old daughter. He found that his love for food and events was something that he could excel in as an entrepreneur. At the time when Savory Cuisines emerged, it was a simple private chef entity. Now the company consists of more than 20 regular employees, 30 plus seasonal service staff members, 1 full-time event planner, 4 delivery vans, and 2 fully functional commercial kitchens.

The truth is, Boulder Colorado’s catering and food scene has not been the same since Savory Cuisines arrival. For those of you who know Bob Sargent, you know that he is passionate about everything he does! Whether we are talking about food, soccer, cycling, running, or making tee-shirts; Bob is an enthusiastic go-getter. Where some people merely dream, Bob can create. He has dedicated his time to learning many different cooking styles and culinary skills over his 20 plus years as a chef. He has taught cooking in Buton and Thailand and has received a variety of training all over the world including a pastry apprenticeship in Switzerland and Germany. He has also been an active participant in the Initiatives for Change World Peace Conference. Since Savory Cuisines start, Bob Sargent has also been a private food consultant for several major organizations, opened two corporate cafeterias and a take-out window, and partnered with Avery Brewery in their restaurant. Savory Cuisines is also a current sponsor the Savory Avery Hop Freaks United Soccer Team, who just won their Division II championships and is now moving up to Division I.

Of course the success of Savory Cuisines is largely due to the efforts of Bob Sargent, but more so, we would not be who we are today as a company without our trusted and loyal clients. A special thank you to the University of Colorado Boulder, CableLabs, and the Sterling Rice Group for your business!