We work with farmers to bring you the freshest ingredients

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Catering with local ingredients

Savory Cuisines Brings Fresh to Boulder Catering

Did you know that Savory Cuisines works with local farmers in the Boulder area to make sure that the freshest ingredients are used for your special event?

At Abbodanza Farms, one of Savory Cuisines main resources for fresh fruits & vegetables, their philosophy is to provide farm fresh, nutrient dense food to the Boulder Community year round. “The fields of Abbodanza Farms, located in North Boulder, are part of an 80 acre centennial homestead which has NEVER been treated with chemicals.”

So next time you are looking for fresh, quality, and the BEST Catering in Boulder, give Savory Cuisines Catering a call! We’ll give you a reason to never want to cook for another party you hold, and relax instead! Let us do the work for you. We are the BEST and we will live up to it.