Summer 2010 Vibrant Table Designs

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The atmosphere of a wedding is designated by its table designs, themes and colors. You can repeat the themes and colors used in other parts of your wedding in your tablescape designs. Tablescaping elements include such items as table linens, serving pieces, plates and glassware, flatware, flowers, candles, and decorative items. Tablescaping is one of the most important planning aspects of the wedding because it pulls the whole event together and gives it a sense of cohesiveness. The sky is the limit with your creativity however there are particular color tricks you can use to create a mainstream look.

First and foremost you should always choose colors and themes that reflect you and your fiancés’ personalities. Your wedding should play off of who you are as a couple and compliment the beauty and love you share together. Other important things to consider are the time of year, seasonal inspirations, the type of mood you hope to present, your specific venue’s existing décor, the activities you are planning and the number of guests.

Rental companies offer hundreds of colors to choose from but as a general rule of thumb it is best to limit your main colors to two or three. If you are having a hard time deciding what is best for you, a trusty color wheel can help. Complementary, analogous or monochromatic colors schemes are classics and will never fail. With that being said, there are specific colors which are known for certain times of the year. For example blue and yellow for spring, burnt orange and dark green for fall, gold and silver for winter, and vibrant pink and teal for summer. Alternatively, white, red and black are always classic, all of the time.

The above pictures are some of Savory Cuisines’ favorite tablescapes for summer 2010!

The first table features a dark base cloth, with a metallic overlay, embellished napkins, and an eclectic collection of antique glass. These items paired together create an elegant and earthy tablescape set in a modern downtown venue.

The second tablescape expresses a sense of a cool whimsical romance. Lavender overlays and silver napkins are grounded by a simple black lantern and a black base cloth. A few white and pink rose pedals scattered on the table finish this look off.

Summer orange napkins and base cloths are complimented by the light green overlay in the third tablescape. The wonderful simple fresh cut flowers centerpieces and pinecone name tags help pull this look together to create a warm homegrown Colorado feel.

Tablescape design is fun and easy when you have a plan and the resources. Savory Cuisines can help you formulate a design that will take your wedding or any other event to the next level. Savory Cuisines is Boulder Catering with style!