Spring Summer 2012 Wedding Season Trends

by | Mar 20, 2012 | Boulder Catering, Boulder Colorado, Weddings | 0 comments

For the majority of brides and grooms that are getting married this 2012 spring summer wedding season have been thinking about catering the wedding for some time now. Choosing the right catering can make all the difference between having a fantastic event over just a good party. Catering companies usually take care of all the planning and preparation that surrounds the wedding including the ceremony. Catering wedding planners are your best bet when looking for help pulling of the wedding of your dreams. They should actually be called dream facilitators because they are really the ones who are responsible for making your dreams a reality while staying within your budget!

Some of the hottest wedding trends for 2012 are all about being unique and interesting with your decor, menu selections, and entertainment. One of these trends involves being less formal and more casual. This does not necessarily mean jeans and tee-shirts rather it’s the idea of being more comfortable or fun. For instance you would forgo the assigned seat sit-down dinner and instead have a family style picnic or even an appetizer and cocktail party. These styles of weddings are perfect for budget conscious brides and grooms but can also be quite luxurious if so desired as well. For example a garden style picnic that’s set in a botanical garden with quail on the menu would be the perfect way to add elegance to a simple idea.

Additionally the days of having a cash bar are over! This trend used to be a way of saving the bride and groom money. In reality this trick doesn’t save that much and just makes you look cheap. There are many other places you can cut corner that will not be noticeable to the guest that are way more cost effective. An alternative option to hosting a cash bar would be to serve just one selection of beer and wine or to host one signature cocktail. It is never really cool to charge your guests for non-alcoholic beverages either so make sure you provide at least water, one juice, and one soda selection as well.

Another fun trend for this spring summer wedding season 2012 is to create a menu that directly reflects the couple getting married. For instance if the bride and groom met in France while abroad at college you could have a classic French theme. Or maybe there is a couple who’s favorite thing to do is to go to baseball games, then something unique to there personal taste might be to serve gourmet concession style food like corn dogs, pretzel twists, caramel corn, fancy nachos, funnel cake, and giant beers!

Regardless what trend your wedding falls into this 2012 spring summer wedding season the most important thing is to remember is that it’s a celebration between you and your spouse and all the rest is just details. Ultimately hiring a professional catering company to handle these details is the easiest way to go about planning an event that is seamless and can be enjoyed by every person attending. If you are in the Boulder area check out the services provided by Savory Cuisines for all your wedding needs.



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