Attention Corporate Holiday Party Planners!

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Being festive during the holidays is what the season is all about. The typical scenes, here in Boulder Colorado, involve holiday decorations, twinkling lights, powdery white snow, and decadent cuisine as far as the eye can see. Family celebrations, special events, and corporate holiday parties fill our calendars during this time of year and provide many opportunities for us to be thankful and celebrate. With that being said, if you are a corporate party planner, than you know these kinds of events can take months of planning. So this means you should already be working out the details! Being that party planning is what we do, here at Savory Cuisines Catering, we thought we would inspire you to get the ball rolling with some exciting party ideas.

The holidays are the perfect time to go the formal route and plan a grand Victorian gala or a black and white (or silver and gold) ball that is decked out with all the trimmings. Your guests will truly feel pampered enjoying a full 5 course sit down dinner accompanied by classic holiday music and bubbling champagne. These kinds of event are not for the budget conscious organization but do leave a lasting impression on all that attend. Other traditional and more economical ideas include such themes as Santa’s workshop, the Nutcracker, Santa’s elves, or a Charlie Brown Christmas. Other fun ideas involve putting a twist on the traditional, like a Vacation Santa theme, where everyone dresses in Hawaiian shirts and sandals, or the Nightmare Before Christmas, where everyone dresses like a Tim Burrton character. Another really cool idea is to bring in a professional well-known local band to help pull off a Rocking Around The Christmas Tree theme. Also very fun and festive are casino night themed parties. These kinds of event always to have some sort of extra draw that helps to ensure the majority of your guests will attend.

For a lot of corporations the holidays are about giving back to their communities and favorite charities. Because of this, holiday charity events, where entire corporations come together and make a significant difference are very rewarding. These events go above and beyond many employees’ expectations and help to give them the sense that they are part of something bigger.

No matter what you do as far themes, decorations, and gift givings are concerned, one thing is certain, the food is always the star of the party! Sorry Santa. In the realm of party planning details there is nothing that stands out more to the guests than the food and beverages that are being serves. Everybody loves food, and bad food or not enough food, can ruin a party very quickly. For this reason if you are planning a corporate holiday party in Boulder you should seriously consider hiring a professional catering company, like Savory Cuisines, to handle the details.



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