What Is A Timeline And Why Is It Important?

by | Apr 1, 2011 | All Blog Postings, Boulder Catering, Weddings | 0 comments

An event timeline is and hour by hour written description of an event and how it is supposed to take place in the eyes of those who are planning it. It is an important tool that coordinates all aspects, vendors, and guests. This tool is essential to the vendors and service workers who are in charge of the event from start to finish.

Without the details included in the timeline it would be extremely hard to keep an event on track. Also, often times guests need a little direction on where they are supposed to be and what exactly they are supposed to be doing. Having a timeline established helps the people you hire to direct your guests through the event and what to pay attention to. For example you don’t want the groom’s men taking off when they are supposed to be with the photographer taking pictures. Likewise you would not want your boss’s surprise birthday cake showing up early for an event that was supposed take place after work.

Not only is completing a timeline a great opportunity to understand exactly what a client envisions for the event but it is also a fantastic way to work out the kinks in timing and logistics as you visualize the event. There are tons of things that can go wrong with even the simplest of events. That is why it is essential to have a plan of action and for any savvy event planner that plan comes in the form of a timeline.

Here is an example of your basic wedding timeline

6:00-6:30pm~ Ceremony
6:30-7:30pm~ Cocktail & Passed Apps
6:30-7:30pm~ Pictures
7:30-1:00am~ Reception
7:35pm~ Bridal Party Announcement
7:40pm~ B&G guest address
7:40-8:55pm~ Dinner
9:00-9:30pm~ Champagne Toasts and cake cutting
9:30-9:40pm~ First Dance & Mother Groom Dance
9:40-12:45am~ Dancing
10:30-10:50pm~ Bouquet throwing & garter belt
12:15am~ Last Call
12:50am~ Transportation Announcement
1:00am~ Cleanup