Wedding Season 2009

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The perfect day: Celebrating with your loved ones, having the perfect dress, and phenomenal food to serve! Savory Cuisines excels at making sure your wedding day is remembered forever. With chefs who have studied all over the world, enabling you to choose from various cuisines and recipes; a staff that is prides themselves in being the BEST in Boulder; an in-house day of Wedding Coordinator to get you through those “stressful” moments; Savory Cuisines lives up to exceeding expectations.

We work hand in hand with each bride & groom, customizing the menus, listening to their needs, and making sure we are prepared to make their event, from start to finish, the BEST it can be. We use the freshest and local ingredients, to offer our guests delicious food, to be remembered!

Parties are our forte! Call for a quote today, 303 543 7767, or send us an email,

Sit back, relax, and let Savory Cuisines do the work for you!