Valentine’s Tablescape Idea

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It doesn’t matter if you are planning an intimated dinner for two, a family friendly gathering, or your child’s elementary school party, designing a Valentine’s Day tablescape is a fun way to celebrate this special day.  There are several things you can do and use that will help turn a boring table design into something fabulous and professional looking.  Depending on how elaborate you want to get, planning a Valentine’s Day tablescape does not necessarily have to be expensive.  Here are some tips on how to plan the perfect tablescape for your Valentines Day party.

When designing your tablescape you want to consider the kind of Valentine’s Day event you are hosting and what the over feel of the table should convey. Romantic dinners should have a sense of personal and private intimacy, while a fun kid’s event should be colorful, easily cleanable and full of sweet treats.

If you want to really wow your significant other and show them how passionate you are about the love you share, there are several classic items that should not be over looked like candles and red roses.  Using deep colors that play into a sense of passion like, scarlet red, deep purple and black, you can ignite the flame inside your mate by visually stimulating them.  Try this: Dress your table with a red cloth and black lace overlay and set it formally with silver plates, gorgeous goblet, your best silverware and simple coordinating cloth napkins. For the centerpiece arrange an eclectic variety of candle holders that have metallic finishes and surround them with rose pedals and secret love note.  There is nothing sexier than chocolate fondue for desert, so adorn the table with a variety of fresh berries, pound cake squares, and pretzels to finish this sensational Valentine’s Day tablescape.

For a fun kids event use all the pretty pinks, bright purples, teals and lime greens you can find to give your table a bright and friendly feel.  Instead of using your nicest place settings, use a mixture of Valentine’s Day themed and solid colored paper goods. Finish off the table settings by placing a single rose or white carnation on each plate with a hand written Valentine’s Day promise underneath. Sweet treats set up in a “candy bar” display surrounding an edible fruit centerpiece will the give the table a focus and can be uses for a cute cookie decorating project for after dinner.  To complete the theme, plan a kid friendly meal like a heart shaped personal pizzas or peanut butter, banana and jelly sandwiches.


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