TOP 5 TIPS from Savory Cuisines for SAVING $$$ On Your Wedding:

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We all want to have it all, but knowing a few tricks of the trade can definitely help when you are trying to put all the plans in place for your special day! Savory Cuisines specializes in parties, and wants you to know anything is possible. We work with every budget, every customer, and will make sure that you are impressed from start to finish with our professionalism, reputation, and ability to make your event flawless!

TOP 5 TIPS from Savory Cuisines for SAVING $$$ On Your Wedding:

1. Know where your budget should be. Map it out before looking at vendors, so that you know where you are headed! With in house chefs to customize every menu, a tenured staff, and a wedding planner to help you get through the day of activities, Savory Cuisines can help you have a PARTY, and keeping it in budget all at the same time!

2. Having a BIG wedding is great, but know that weddings usually end up costing around $100 per person, or more, once you factor all the costs in! So instead of cutting corners with important factors, such as catering, music, and photography, take a look at your guest list first. Cutting down 20 people could save you a few thousand dollars!

3. There is no reason that a Buffet Dinner shouldn’t be as nice as a Sit Down Plated Dinner. But it’s all about who you hire. Check out, a Boulder Catering Company specializing in making every budget manageable and elegant!

4. Cake or dessert? Everyone likes a little sweet at the end of an evening, but changing the way wedding dessert is done can cut down on costs! Speak with your pastry chef, and see what options there are, you’ll be amazed!

5. Savory Cuisines specializes in freshly brewed iced teas. We experiment every week to make sure we are coming up with new ways to impress customers, and sell healthy beverages, using local teas and fruits! Instead of having a full bar, use our teas to have a signature cocktail! It will WOW your guests, and be more affordable.

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