The Ultimate Continental Breakfast

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One of the most frequent requests for a corporate caterer is for continental breakfasts. Continental breakfasts traditionally consist of a light food selection, coffee, rolls, butter and jam. Today the continental breakfast means so much more. Most catering companies would consider it a cold breakfast with plenty of beverage choices but really the sky is the limit when it comes to menu planning. The main key is to keep your choices to items that will not perish easily. Most continental breakfasts are set out early in the morning and are intended to sit for a large portion of it. This is why choosing items that do not have to be refrigerated, heated and if possible are individually wrapped, are more attractive to the people eating them.

Continental breakfasts are popular among corporations because they last a longtime, are cost effective and satisfy a broad spectrum of people. Popular with chain hotels, most people think of the continental breakfast as stale, insanely fattening muffins, cold cereal, whole fruit and orange juice. Savory Cuisines Catering says why not expand your options and kick things up a bit. Boring donuts and muffins are too commercial, if you really want to wow your guests there a bunch of new and exciting trends in continental breakfasts that you might want to try. Jazzed up just a bit, these kinds of caterings are now even being seen at morning or late night weddings, birthday parties and holiday celebrations. Here are some of our favorite continentals catering breakfast menu ideas.

The Ultimate Continental Breakfast:
Fresh Organic Whole Strawberries, Miniature Apples, and Seedless Globe Grapes
House Made Granola with Nuts and Dried Berries Served with Milk and Yogurt
Assorted Fresh Bagels and Cream Cheese
Orange Juice Blend
Hazelnut Coffee with Assorted Creamers and Sugars
Bottled Water

The Elegant Continental Breakfast:
Gourmet Fruit Platter with Assorted Berries, Papaya, Pineapples and Mangos
Baked Brie and Preserve Platter
Assorted Cracker and Seasoned Crostinis
Artesian Pastries, Sweet Breads and Fresh Baked Croissants
Maple and Honey Butter
Espressos and Cocktail Coffees
Fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit and Orange Juice Blend
Lemon Lime Water

The Take-Away Continental Breakfast:
Whole Oranges and Apples
Assorted Wrapped Breakfast Bars
Whole Blueberry Muffins with Butter Packets
Chilled Individual Yogurts Parfaits
Bottle Juice and Water
Starbucks Coffee Chillers



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