Spring/Summer 2013 Wedding Catering Idea

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The highly anticipated springs/summer 2013 wedding season is finally upon us! For catering companies and other wedding vendors this means the start of 18 hour work days and 7 day work weeks, but for brides and grooms this means the biggest moment in their lives has at last arrived. The preparation and planing that goes into most weddings is not something that is done in a period of weeks, rather most wedding planning begins at least one year out. With that being said, a large portion of brides, grooms, and thier parents start pereparing and budgeting for this event several years in advance. Depending on the honored couples preferences, the cost and effort of making sure every details is considered can sometimes be a headache, that is up until the big day actually arrives. For these reasons alone, it is imperative that you hire professional and trusted vendors.

Here at Savory Cuisnes Catering in Boulder, we live, breath, and die for wedding season. We have a staff of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to making sure that every details is executed exactly as it should be and that each wedding meets the expectations of the bride and groom. In order to this, it is absolutely imperative that we stay on top of our game by offering new and hip applications of all the modern wedding trends. Weddings trends change each season, but some classics die hard. Here are our top spring/summer 2013 wedding catering and food trends.

Light and fresh, and lots of it! This food theme works great for those daytime weddings that are held outdoors. The idea is to prepare a menu that is light and fresh in flavor, but that offers guests tons of options. In a place like Boulder where so many people are health conscious or have specific diet restrictions, this kind of menu is going to be your best bet because it will be loaded with plenty of fresh vegetable, fruits, and simple meats. One way to class-up the standard fruit and vegetable platters is to have your catering chef use carving techniques to make attractive displays.

Show your love for all things local! One of the biggest movements in catering trends is to showcase all locally grown or produced foods and beverage. This kinds of menu is not only sustainable by design, but it is a very cool way to introduce your guests to everything is great about the area you have chosen to be married in. The key to pulling of this kind of theme is making it known, by using simple and unintrusive signage, that says where each of the dishes ingredients come from.

Lastly, don’t leave your beverages to an after thought, instead play them up by making both your alcoholic and non alcoholics fun and exciting. Having a soda bar where guests can choose from a variety of natural soda blends is simple, but fun and colorful. Depending on your preference you also set out some recipe cards and a small selection of liquors and wines, which can be added along with fruit to make fresh sangria!