Spring Catering & Wedding Season is Upon Us!

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Wedding season is right around the corner and for most brides that means its crunch time. Even if you are not getting married until August, the onset of spring is a big indicator that you should be finalizing a lot of your details for the big day. Meeting with your vendors and going over the specific details you really want, is the best way to make sure that your vision is executed. Here are some of the newest trends in wedding catering for spring 2013.

Think of spring.  What is the first that comes to mind? For some people it is the green grass and blue skies, for others it lilies, tulips and daisies, whatever you envision the chances are that you are incorporating it into your upcoming wedding.  Soft romantic color palettes are always popular for spring, but this year the biggest colors in wedding fashions and tablescapes are mint green and light brown. In addition we will see a lot of “barely there colors” that are just a few shades off from white. The subtleness of these kinds of color themes help to give a whimsical air to any fairytale event. Complement these color choices by using natural textures like wood, stones, and glass adornments.

Spring trends for wedding catering are all about freshness. Spring offers brides and grooms with a huge array of produce which allows them to create a menu that will leave guests talking about for years to come.  As a rule of thumb, light is always good for spring. Even if you want to serve a lot of light food that’s fine, but heavy cream sauces and meatball appetizers should be left for the fall and winter seasons. Instead serve things like a light risotto salad with fresh peas, mushrooms, and toasted almonds, lamb skewers with Greek dipping sauces, shrimp pasta salads, and prosciutto asparagus pinwheels.

Since spring is also the season for the “birds and the bees” let’s not forget the kids when planning your wedding menu. Instead of doing the typical chicken fingers or hamburgers try a build-your-own peanut butter and jelly sandwich bar. Pack the kids buffet with sandwich toppings like sliced bananas, strawberries, apples, coconut, fluff, and honey. Serve fresh vegetable slices for a side with pretzels and individual milks. You could even get fancy with it, and serve a few different kinds of preservatives like raspberry, peach, and of course grape. Choose a variety of nut butters like almond, soy, creamy and crunchy peanut butter. Set out fun cookie cutters and several extra loaves of bread so that the kids can create PB&J masterpieces!

When planning your beverage menu for a spring wedding you really want to consider what you are serving for food and what your guests like. Say for instance, grandma drinksnothing but red wine and grandpa loves his whiskey. Make sure to have both of those on hand, but think of other drinks that you can feature using the same ingredients like a fresh-made whiskey sours and red wine sangria spritzers. Spring is also a great time to feature local breweries but choose a selection that is popular and drinkable, nothing too heady!


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