Savory Cuisines Catering: The Complete Package

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Savory Cuisines Catering has been serving the Boulder/Denver area for over 10 years and is recognized as the caterer of choice for exceptional food, quality in service, and innovative party designs. It is our goal to make sure our guests expectations are surpassed by delivering services that go above and beyond other caterer’s typical practices. We have a large dedicated staff of chefs, servers, and event planners who are there to ensure our clients have the opportunity to enjoy every aspect of their event just as their guests would. When we come into someone’s home or a venue every single part of the event setup and breakdown is handled and executed by professionals with years of experience.

We are a unique company in the fact that we offer customizable catering services to every client. We do have several standard catering packages that our clients can choose from however the majority of folk who choose Savory Cuisines usually take advantage of creating a unique menu that showcases who they are. Our talented chefs have worldly experience and specialize in Southwest, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Irish, and Traditional American style cuisines. We have also grown into and adapted our fusion style of cooking that really allows our enthusiastic clients to be adventurous. Our services are also just as customizable as our menus. We can provide our clients with the full shebang or just a selection of services depending on their needs. We do this because there are many different groups of people who organize caterings everyday for an assortment of reasons. This means that sometimes a simple buffet style continental breakfast is all that is needed; while other times a plated formal sit-down style of service is called for.

The best way to determine exactly what you need for an event is to have a one on one consolation with one of our amazing event planners. These professionals are the best people to direct you in your planning process. Not only can they help with the visual appeal of the event in terms of tablescaping, floor planning, decorations, and design but they are also have extensive knowledge regarding vendor pricing and budgets which are oftentimes huge contributor factors during the planning process. Day-of planner services are also available and help eliminate stress of the party coordinator who wears too many hats. So whether you are planning a large corporate function, a small intimate home gathering, or the biggest day of your life, your wedding; Savory Cuisines Catering is there for you every step of the way. When you hire Savory Cuisines you are hiring the complete catering package!



If you are looking for a professional Boulder, Colorado catering company with an excellent reputation for their service and their food, look no further than Savory Cuisines. Catering to both the Denver and Boulder areas, including Broomfield to Longmont and Golden to Louisville, Savory Cuisines is dedicated to making the best food available by using the freshest and most flavorful ingredients available.

With an assortment of menu options collected from cultures around the world, Savory Cuisines can serve a delicious meal to a group of any size that is uniquely suited to their tastes. Choose from BBQ, Southwest, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Irish, or Traditional American meals as you plan corporate events, home entertaining or special occasions like an anniversary or a wedding.

For quick and easy solution to catering dilemmas, select one of the many pre-made catering menus that our patrons have enjoyed in the past. Or, if you have special wishes or plans for the menu, we will gladly work one-on-one with you to ensure that everything is perfect with the menu and our Boulder catering services.