Party Planner Do's and Don’ts For This Holiday Season

by | Oct 12, 2011 | All Blog Postings, Boulder Catering, Helpful Hints, Holiday Catering | 0 comments

With the holiday season quickly approaching many people are already thinking about planning holiday parties and events. It is never too early to get organized for an event especially if it’s large and formal. Many corporations work several months in advance in an effort to secure the best services for their events since this is a very busy time of the year for catering companies, rental companies, and venues. With that being said, it is best to contact local companies now to prevent scrambling for vendors the minute. Savory Cuisines Catering is one of the premier catering companies in Boulder Colorado and provides everything needed to pull of an amazing event under one roof. This article will go over several general do’s and don’ts that are helpful to keep in mind while planning a holiday event.

Do: Contact Savory Cuisines Catering today for a quote and to schedule a tasting if you are in the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado.

Don’t: Leave planning an important event to the last minute as this can oftentimes result in having to be more flexible with details than you would otherwise have to be.

Do: If you are planning on having an event in your home or at your place of business, it is important to make sure there is ample space for caterers to come and set up.

Don’t: Expect the vendors you hire to work around a mess as it will hinder there ability to be efficient.

Do: If you are planning on having volunteers from your organization or family help with party set up and clean up, make sure you inform the companies you hire so that they know what tasks they are responsible for and which ones that are not.

Don’t: Assign volunteers jobs or tasks that they are not prepared to handle especially if the companies you hire provide staff.

Do: Regardless the size of the event or location, it is always a good idea to make a rough timeline and turn that in to the catering company so that the event will run according to plan.

Don’t: Get too involved with planning every single minute of the timeline, as it is important to be flexible the day of the event.

Do: Make sure you have provided all the decorations and instructions to the caterers prior to or at the very beginning of an event so important aspects such as the CEO’s special toast is not forgotten.

Don’t: Leave details like deciding on centerpieces or seating arrangements to the last minute.

Do: Turn all final guest counts, deposits and other important details in on time to your vendors in an effort to make the transition from planning to execution.

Don’t: Try to do everything yourself especially if you are not experienced in planning a holiday event.

Do: Consider your guests taste preferences and work with a professional to plan a menu that will be well received by all.

Savory Cuisines Catering is full service catering company with talented event planners on staff. Although planning ahead of time is best Savory Cuisines does honor last minute orders as well. Be sure to call today to get a quote for your next event.