Holiday Dinner Without the Stress

by | Nov 3, 2011 | Boulder Catering, Boulder Colorado, Holiday Catering | 0 comments

Now that Halloween is over, we can move on to planning our numerous holiday celebrations. When it comes to planning and executing the perfect holiday soiree, there is no one better Savory Cuisines Catering. Savory Cuisines is a full service catering company that has many different specialties, talented event planners, professional experienced staff, and is your one-stop-shop for this upcoming holiday season. If you are sick of rushing around during the days prior to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years only to cook all day and clean all night, you need to consider hiring a professional catering company. And if you are in the Boulder Colorado area, the caterer of choice is Savory Cuisines.

As far as events are concerned a little bit of planning can go a long way, and a lot of planning can help take your event from ordinary to extraordinary. If you are planning to once again take on the whole shebang yourself, here are few helpful hints from the professionals on how to plan ahead in order to execute a stress free event.

When planning a holiday event it is imperative to not take on more than you can chew figuratively and literally! It is very easy to get carried away with extending invitations to everyone you know while trying to wrap your head around maintaining some type of budget. The best way to stay on track is to have a specific plan. This mean writing out your guest list, actually figuring if your budget will support the amount of guests you have invited, and planning a menu that is within your ability. If you are not a talented chef or have an extremely tight budget consider doing a simple appetizer style menu or a potluck.

The next thing is to create, on paper, a simple timeline and a list of things that can be prepared ahead of time. After that, you need to ask your trusted friends or family if they are available and willing to help. Keeping a tangible list is the best way to coordinate and delegate tasks so that you can works smarter not harder the day of and day prior to the event. As much as people like to think that they can do everything, setting up for and breakdown an event is extremely time consuming, and this hasn’t even taken into consideration the actual time you will have to invest in preparing the menu. The best way to execute your plan is to start preparing for the event at a minimum of 3 day in advance. This means setting your tables, preparing cold foods, chopping vegetables, wrapping gifts, and deciding what you are going to wear before the morning of the event. When the event is all said and done with and your last “guest” has gone home, now it is time to clean up and put your house back in order. Be sure to ask for help with stage as well. If this all sounds like fun to you, then by all mean enjoy yourself, if it doesn’t, contact Savory Cuisines Catering today and let us take the stress out of your upcoming holiday party.



If you are looking for a professional Boulder, Colorado catering company with an excellent reputation for their service and their food, look no further than Savory Cuisines. Catering to both the Denver and Boulder areas, including Broomfield to Longmont and Golden to Louisville, Savory Cuisines is dedicated to making the best food available by using the freshest and most flavorful ingredients available.

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