Hiring Catering Chefs – Our Selection Process

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Hiring our catering chefs

The easiest and most effective way to screen potential culinary candidates is to establish tasting interview or audit. Tasting interviews help identify potential chefs’ performance levels, strengths and weaknesses before they make it on to payroll.

We judged our chefs according to the following criteria:

Flavor and taste profile

Appropriate use of the ingredients

Knife skills

Proper cooking techniques and methods



Timing of service

These factors help shed light on a potential employee’s organization skills, adaptability, flexibility, sanitation, and food safety standards. They can also be an indication of how one plans, executes, teaches, trains, and delegates when working with other staff members.

Although it is not always easy, it is critical to find the right chef for your catering company. A chef can make or break your business and should be treated like a well researched investment.

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