Halloween And Fall Inspired Catering

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Halloween and fall are very popular times of the year to host a party. Costume parties, fall celebrations, corporate events, and even weddings can all be played up using fun freaky Halloween or rich fall accents throughout your tablescapes, decorations and menus. Of course with that being said, a party is often hard work and requires a lot of time and planning. This is where Savory Cuisines Catering comes in for those folks in our area. The following article explores some of the fun ideas we’ve been playing around with for this 2011 fall catering season. For more information regarding menus, pricing, and available dates please contact Savory Cuisines.

For more formal sit-down events where tables are fully set with centerpieces, try incorporating some ghoulish Halloween or fun fall flare to your arrangement. For example classic white roses can be adorned with black snakes, centipedes, and spiders to create a creepy yet elegant arrangement. If ghoul is not your thing than adding colorful leaves, fruit or vegetables like gourds and apples to your arrangement, or cornucopias, is a great way to create a festive punch of color. Autumn napkin rings and place card holders are also a neat way to set the mood at the table. Small pumpkins, nuts, leaves, sticks, and fresh herb bundles can be fasten together using pipe cleaners and hot glue to create a truly unique design for each setting. Using small bones (i.e. dog treats), plastic severed hands, mini broomsticks or witches hats to fashion a napkin holder or place card from is another idea to spook things up a bit.

One of the most popular fall decorations to use for any kind party are pumpkins. However pumpkin decorations these days are not limited to jack lanterns or traditional orange pumpkins. Green and white pumpkins have recently been engineered and make for non traditional but classic decor when coupled or arranged in groups. Spray painting pumpkins solid or metallic colors is also very popular and presents a new chic way of displaying pumpkins and gourds that most people have not yet seen. Another timeless Halloween and fall decorative idea that is sure to create atmosphere is the use of simple candle arrangements. Adorn regular candles with spider webs, ravens, and skulls for an Edgar Allen Poe look or perhaps try bleeding candles for an added effect.

The fun to be had with food during this time of year is endless. Serving thing like severed fingers (pigs in a blanket), stuffed eyeballs (deviled eggs), cockroaches (stuffed dates), or bat-winged cheese balls are just a few ways to bring the Halloween theme across in your food. Otherwise delicious savory dishes made from classical fall harvests are a sure fire way to go as well. Experimenting with your beverages like using black lights, neon labels, and dry ice to recreate a mad scientist’s lab instead of a traditional bar is also another fun way to show your guests that you know how to throw a spirited event.