Fall Wedding Season

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Fall wedding season is upon us and I for one could not be more excited!  I think most brides know right off the bat what season they want to get married in.  For some, time might be a factor, but for most fall or winter brides it is something they have always dreamed about.  There is just something special and elegant about the rich color pallets, decadent food, holiday spirit and crisp night air that makes fall weddings so much fun!

Here are our Top 10 Wedding Trends for Fall 2013

1. Fancy Painted or Glitter Dipped Jars and Bottles – I love this trend because there is nothing more fun than a little craft project, especially one that is so simple a looks fabulous! Mason jars can be spray painted with Krylon Paint in the color of your choosing or coated with “Mod Podge” then dipped in sparkles. You can even use chalkboard paint and write your table numbers directly on empty liquor bottles!

2. Outdoor Fire Pits – Who doesn’t like to sit by a cozy fire outside on a brisk night? Pretty much no one I know. My theory is, if you build it (a fire I mean) they will come. Set out a do-it-yourself s’mores stations and I bet, next to the dance floor, this will be your guests favorite spot to chill out!

3. Beer Can Grooms Cake – Ok, so I know some of you are probably thinking this is kind of hillbilly, but I love it! Think about all the dank beer manufactures in Colorado… And, what a great way to give your new hubby what he really wants, more beer! I mean, how many guys really care about red velvet cake? Again, no one I know!

4. Burlap is Back – There is nothing that says fall more than hay barrels, pumpkins, and burlap!  Use burlap throughout your wedding theme to pull off a casual country style fall wedding by adding little touches of it everywhere.  Maybe wrap wood monogram letters and display them on the welcome table, use it for an overlay, or hang it like gorgeous drapery for a more shabby-chic feel.  Oh, the things you can do with burlap!

5. Feed Your Guests a Late-Nite Snack – Coffee and cake are great, but the reality is a lot of guests and wedding party members will not eat nearly as much as they should at dinner to absorb the amount of alcohol they will consume!  Not to mention, think of all the calories that will be burned shaking it up on the dance floor!  Serve something that is tasty and looks good at 11:30 pm, like mini sliders and truffle fries handed out in paper cones.  This is also a good way to get people off the dance floor so the DJ can start packing up.

6. Purple and Orange – Together as a color combo or by themselves, either way, deep purples and bright oranges make for a rich and bold color pallet.  If you want less flashy choose more subtle shades for an added touch of class.  From your bridesmaids dresses and the men’s ties, to jewelry, flowers, accents, and more, purple and orange are huge for brides who like pizzazz.

7. Neutrals – Colors like beige and grey with punches of navy or black, create elegance and sophistication in a Ralph Lauren kinds of way.  I love this look because it is just classic!  Use a cream colored base cloth draped with a stunning beige overlay, add just a few subtle pops of color in your centerpieces and pale pink napkins, and well, I’m in tablescaping heaven!

8. Vintage – Invoke the “old sport” in you and go Great Gatsby!  Seriously anything that is 1920’s inspired is in, like flappers style wedding gowns, suspenders and classy zootsuites for the guys (I’m not talking gangsta wear!), heavy eye liner and shimmery lids, dangling chandeliers, vintage champagne glasses, and of course, big band jazz baby!

9. Whimsical Braided Up-Dos & The Top Knot – I guess it depends on whether you see yourself more as an Audrey Hepburn or a Rapunzel!  The knot is classic, neat, and sweet, but also totally fierce!  This style says, “it my night and not a hair will be out of place,” while a messy braided up-do says, “I am here to have fun, let’s celebrate!”

10. Bite Size Bits – Ok, so this not my personal favorite food trend, because it means more preparation and more money.  But how fun would it be to offer people a culinary experience with small mouthfuls of the most delicious food they have every had. Although these kinds of menus normally translate into added cost, they are a great way to offer luxury ingredients like lobster, scallops, king crab, or porterhouse steak! You can also do this with flights of beer or wine and create delicious pairings!