Corporate Events and Holiday Planning

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Corporate holiday parties are hosted by roughly 80% of all businesses and corporations every year. They do it for many reasons like to boost employee morale, show client’s their appreciation, and showoff their companies to investors just to name a few.   Regardless the reason, holiday event planning for businesses and corporations tend to be a fairly big deal and usually involve many considerations with the budget being at the top of the list.

Several other important considerations for corporate event planners include: where to host the event, should it be formal or informal, how many guests can they expect, what food and beverages should be served, should they have an open bar, is entertainment needed, and who is responsible for setting up and breaking down the event?  The best plan of attack for any party planner is to hire a professional full service catering company to handle most of the work.

If you are in Boulder are considering hosting a corporate party we hope you will consider Savory Cuisines Catering.  We are a full service company with an experienced staff of party planners, waiters, bartenders, and chefs.  Our talented event planners are here to help you make your visions of the perfect holiday become a reality.  Furthermore, our staff will handle everything from event setup and service to breakdown and cleanup, which gives corporate event planners and their staff the freedom to enjoy the celebration with confidence.

Here at Savory Cuisines Catering we strive to exceed our client’s expectations by delivering outstanding food, providing professional and responsible service, executing client’s wishes to a tee, and going above and beyond industry standards. Savory Cuisines provides our clients with the know-how that is required to pull off everything from a large scale formal event to a small intimate dinner for bigwigs.

Any good party planner knows that its never too early to start coordinating an event for a holiday celebration, but if you haven’t started yet it is not too late.  Most catering companies offer more or less traditional holiday menus and packages and have extra staff on hand to handle the demand of the busy season.  Planning the perfect holiday party is not always the easiest task, but if you hire a company like Savory Cuisines Catering you will find that it may not be as hard as you once thought.



If you are looking for a professional Boulder, Colorado catering company with an excellent reputation for their service and their food, look no further than Savory Cuisines. Catering to both the Denver and Boulder areas, including Broomfield to Longmont and Golden to Louisville, Savory Cuisines is dedicated to making the best food available by using the freshest and most flavorful ingredients available.

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For quick and easy solution to catering dilemmas, select one of the many pre-made catering menus that our patrons have enjoyed in the past. Or, if you have special wishes or plans for the menu, we will gladly work one-on-one with you to ensure that everything is perfect with the menu and our Boulder catering services.