Fall in Colorado is one of the most beautiful times of the year to get married. The aspens, oaks, maples, and cotton woods that cover the Rocky Mountains come to life during this time with bright yellows, reds, and burnt oranges; making fall the perfect back drop for a wedding. The fall offers tons of inspiration for a unique wedding with vibrant color palates, exotic venues, delicious seasonal foods, fun favors and festive decorative ideas.

The best venue for a fall wedding is of course the beautiful outdoors, and in Colorado fall can bring both snow and sunshine in the same day. With that being said, this should not discourage you from having an outdoor wedding but should rather just prepare you for what the weather has in store. A tent to protect your guests from the elements is always a must when planning an outdoor wedding but is especially essential for on in the fall. Fall brides may want to consider renting heating lamps, having a fire pit or providing low cost shawls for their guests if they plan to have an event that carries on into the evening.

Choosing warm fall colors for your bridesmaids and incorporating them into your tablescapes is sometime all you need in terms of pulling off a fall themed wedding. Traditional fall wedding colors are purples, golds, browns and oranges. This year funky jewel tones are being paired with these classic colors in combination like bright pink and brown and ivory or Kelly green with slate gray, according to the Knot. Decoration possibilities for fall are endless and can get to be really fun and innovative. This year consider using white pumpkins as centerpieces, candied apples for gifts, maple leaf place card holders, and dahlias or the newly engineer chocolate brown roses for your flowers.

Fantastic seasonal food is another reason why fall wedding are so welcoming. Yummy pumpkin pies, spiced alcoholic beverage, squash, roasted meats, turkey legs, tasty soups, stuffing, and festive cakes are just a few examples of things you can serve. A catering company will be able to help plan a menu that will warm your guest’s bellies and set the tone for heart felt night.

The bonus about having a fall wedding if often times the reduced cost of services. Typically from September to February is considered the off-season for many wedding venues and vendors. This frequently translates into open date availability, reduced travel expenses for guests, discounted honeymoon vacations packages, wedding registries that are not on back order, and off-season flower discounts. Be sure to contact Savory Cuisines Catering for more ideas on your upcoming 2011 fall wedding.



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