For many people catering seems like it is a profession full of excitement, experimentation, and gloriously tasting foods, and they are right!  Being part of the catering culture that has swept Colorado is a great opportunity to explore your passions and meet wonderful people. Top chefs all over the world as well as in-home culinary novices dream of some day owning and operating their own catering company, which will give them a chance to express their talent for food preparation, party planning, and social grace in an everyday setting.  But, this work can be hard and comes with its own set of challenges.  From getting to know each of your clients specific wants and desires to expertly executing organizational tasks, catering as a profession requires much more than just knowing how to bake the perfect brioche!

For some being a self taught catering chef is enough to propel their business, but for most some sort of professional training is required.  Having gone through all the classes which teach you about proper food preparation guidelines, classically prepared dishes, menu planning, budgeting, and pricing, as well as food safety requirements, in addition to receiving your health board certificates, are just a few of the technical aspects every caterer needs to know.  With that being said, this kind of training is not enough to make your company stand out.  It is a must for all catering companies to find and redefine their niche!  Having a specific niche will help to draw in clients, whether it is ethic foods, high end luxury catering, premier wedding catering, muffin specialties, continental food with flare, or bikini clad servers, determining your specific market will help to put your company on the map.

In Colorado the food industry is hot and offers many up and coming catering professionals the opportunity to be recognized for their specific talents. A few of the most popular catering schools in our area include, Cook Street School of Culinary Arts, Johnson and Wales – Denver, and the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Colorado. From the gourmet classic cuisine you will find at the ski resorts of Vail and Aspen, to Boulder’s unique, all natural and sustainable culinary techniques, catering in Colorado is its own culture.   If you adore cooking and have always found that preparing loving meals for friends and family is a way of relaxing or put the creative gear in motion, try staging (interning) to see if you have what it takes to be a professional caterer.

Side note: I just found a whole series of awesome books written by Diane Mott Davidson that blends the wonderful world of catering in Colorado with literature and murder!  These novels take the culture of Colorado catering to a whole new level and promise a quick and easy read that explores all the debacles, some real some fictional, that catering professionals can find themselves in.



If you are looking for a professional Boulder, Colorado catering company with an excellent reputation for their service and their food, look no further than Savory Cuisines. Catering to both the Denver and Boulder areas, including Broomfield to Longmont and Golden to Louisville, Savory Cuisines is dedicated to making the best food available by using the freshest and most flavorful ingredients available.

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For quick and easy solution to catering dilemmas, select one of the many pre-made catering menus that our patrons have enjoyed in the past. Or, if you have special wishes or plans for the menu, we will gladly work one-on-one with you to ensure that everything is perfect with the menu and our Boulder catering services.