With the approach of the holiday season and the change in weather, many of our thoughts turn to those folks who are less fortunate and in need. The most recent polls conducted in the 7-county Denver metro area back in 2009 has shed some much needed light on the continually growing problem of the homeless population in our state. When the statistics were collected regarding this poll, there was a reported total of 11,061 people that were considered homeless living in our area on one single day. Out of this total, 5,145 people are persons in families that included children and spouses. Again 2, 965 people counted, were children and teens under the age of 18.

The most common reason for homelessness in today’s day and age has been attributed to job loss at 34.7%. The inability to pay mortgages and rents come in at the number two reason with 31.2%. Unfortunately alcoholism, drug addiction and violence are also common contributing factors to the growing homeless in our state as well. Many of these homeless people find themselves at the mercy of strangers and charitable faculties to provide them with the most basic of needs. Many groups like the Boulder Homeless Shelter and the Bridge House offer these individuals with a warm safe place to sleep, facilities to shower and bath in, and food to ease their hungry bellies. Many of these programs also provide treatment and counseling for alcohol and drug dependant individual in an effort to teach them how to lead sober productive lives.

Because of our industry, we here at Savory Cuisines Catering have a unique opportunity to help out non-profit organizations like this during their biggest time of need by donating food. For this reason the fight against homelessness has become our biggest cause at Savory Cuisines Catering. We are proud to be sponsoring a plated Thanksgiving dinner on November 22nd at the First Presbyterian Church located on the corner of 14th and Spruce in Boulder Colorado for the Boulder Homeless Shelter. Another contribution made by Savory Cuisines has been to help fundraising efforts for the Bridge House by donating a $5000 dinner for one their annuals events. Fundraising events like the one we participated in, account for this charity’s largest source of revenue. For more information on how to help stop homelessness, fight alcohol and drug addiction, and end family violence in Boulder please visit http://boulderbridgehouse.org and http://www.bouldershelter.org.