Building Relationships With Clients

by | Jun 30, 2013 | Corporate Catering, Helpful Hints, Weddings | 0 comments

There is no one else in this world who will want to do more for you than a friend, right? So, why not try to make a friend around every corner?  The idea of building relationships is a new marketing technique that many different industries are using, but it is also one that consumers can use as well. In the catering business, we are here to serve you and building lasting relationships with all our clients is something our industry was founded on. It is so important as a consumer to understand that food service involves a lot of preparation and physical labor in addition to finesse and technique. These reasons are usually the driving factors behind the cost associated with catering an event besides guest count, menu and location. Now with that being said, the best way for you to get in good with a catering company, so that they will offer you a premier client status, which usually comes with discounts and favors, is to offer them repeat business.

Whether you are a corporate event planner for a huge operation or a member of a book club, finding and using the same catering company for all your events is a great way to build a trusted relationship. This kind of relationship is where things like last minute orders, discounts on regular events, custom orders, and flexibility will come more into play. Anyone who plans events on a regular can benefit from having a strong relationship with a trusted caterer. This is because things like easy and simplicity are usually a result when you have done business with the same people for a while. Think about it, what would you rather, know you can count on one specific caterer for all your needs or try to find a new one for each event and start from scratch every time? Additionally, the chances are good that your events will be better with a company that already knows and understand exactly what you want.

The idea of building relationships can definitely also be applied to weddings by savvy brides and grooms as well. Just because you are hopefully only getting married once, doesn’t mean you will never have a need for a caterer again. In fact, you will likely have some immediate needs before and after the main event that offer you a great opportunity to build upon your food connection. Between the bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding itself, not to mention a lot people do a brunch the next day, you are looking at some prime catering opportunities for one lucky local company! Instead of using a different company for everything, you may be able to negotiate a killer deal on all the events bundled together, especially if items like decor can be reused. Most catering companies would be happy with a deal like this because it guarantees business and presents a great opportunity for repeat clients in the future for things like baby showers, graduations and birthday parties.