Boulder Catering With Fresh Garden Vegetables And Herbs!!!!

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The fresher the ingredients the better the taste…

As a lover of all things food, Savory Cuisines’ executive chef and owner, Bob Sargent, took pride in growing a beautiful home garden this summer. Much of which, has found its way into our Boulder catering kitchen and the mouths of our clients. These delicious home-grown garden vegetables and herbs have been incorporated into every menu possible. Fresh naturally grown produce like enormous cucumbers, lemon cucumbers and several different varieties of tomatoes are just a few of the ingredients in our Vegetable Ribbon and Chopped Green Salads. Fresh aromatic herbs like basil, cilantro and thyme are included in nearly all of our marinaras, sauces, soups and salsas. Herbs are extremely diverse and true pleasure to cook with.

We are very excited to see the fruits of our labor enjoyed by our wonderful corporate, wedding and take-out window customers. Keeping up with the garden took precious time, energy, resources, sweat and hard work. Ironically these same qualities are what make us who we are, as we always put 100% of ourselves into every meal we serve. It just made sense to take it one step further in order to ensure that we have the best food possible.

We have discovered many rewards to planting, caring for and eating delightfully home-grown vegetables and herbs. Some of which are knowing exactly where our food comes from and that it is as fresh as can be. Additionally we enjoy the connection we are building with the earth and taking advantage of Colorado’s wonderful weather and growing seasons. We are already looking forward to the Fall and are anticipating a glorious harvest.

The practice of growing our own produce is not only sustainable but it also creates a truly superior product, this is just one more aspect that sets us apart from the rest. We are completely dedicated to sustainable catering, which is the new standard for Boulder’s food market. Savory Cuisines’ takes sustainability one step further as we participate in on-site composting and recycling, and offer all eco-friendly products. We are happy knowing that we are doing something great for our ecosystem every time we create a delicious dish.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”