Back To School And The Importance Of Eating Right

by | Sep 12, 2011 | Boulder Catering, Boulder Colorado, Food News, Helpful Hints | 0 comments

As caterers, lovers of food, and parents we understand the importance of a healthy diet in regards to getting your kids ready for the challenges they will face this school year. Numerous studies have shown that a healthy low-sugar diet in young children promotes a higher level of focus and more stamina throughout the day. Research has also shown that kids who regularly eat breakfast and lunch have higher standardized test scores, better behaved, and are not as hyperactive. Food is a major supporter of the immune system and for kids; food provides a huge defense against germs that breed in the classroom. Good eating habits also contribute to good sleeping habits. Feeding your little ones sugary sweet foods an hour or two prior to going to bed can lead to a fussy night time routine and tossing and turning.

Establishing a well set breakfast routine is a good way to encourage your kids to fuel up for a full day of learning. As the most important meal of the day, breakfast not only feeds your body but feeds your mind literally. Scrambled eggs, a slice of whole grain toast, fruit and a glass of milk is an excellent breakfast for just about anyone. However with the rush of the morning there is not always time for a full sit down meal. So when in a hurry, try a health alternative to sugary cereal like a protein nut bar, banana, and a yogurt beverage instead. Adding protein and fiber to your morning meal will help keep tummies full until lunch time.

When touring the cafeteria of a school, most parents are surprised to find that there are not too many health choices available. This is why many folk opt to pack a school lunch for their child instead allowing them to eat unhealthy fast food options like pizza, fries, and soda. Take it from a caterer, the easiest and most economical way to do this is to find healthy bulk items that can be prepared a head of time, such as hearty healthy soups, vegetable crudites, hummus, sliced fruits, home-made whole grain muffins, and roasted chicken salad. If you can not pack a lunch it is essential to teach your kids, early on, the importance of choosing fruits, vegetables, salads, and lean proteins over poor quality food. If you have an older kid who skips lunch all together, try to pack a light snack for them that they can eat in between class and stress how important it is to have a balanced diet. A light after school snack followed by a healthy dinner is a perfect way to finish up the day.

Of course eating right and having a balanced diet is beneficial to children of all ages and adults. It is especially important to teach your children how to have a positive relationship with food. Many kids who have poor eating habits never grow out of it and end up having skin problems, being overweight, and can even develop diabetes over time. Try to keep your menus interesting and fun; and get your kids involved in the preparation and planning. This way they will hopefully learn how to make the right choices and be encouraged to eat right, after all you are what you eat!



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