Back Yard Menus, Events And Birthday Parties

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Your backyard can be the perfect venue or location for your upcoming event. The spring, summer and fall are perfect times for families to gather and celebrate with barbeques, picnics, and birthday parties. Depending on the size of your backyard will dictate how large of a party you can have.

Despite the guest count, your backyard event will be a hit and a huge success if are sure to serve good food and tasty beverages. Spring, summer and fall all have very different tastes that come to mind. By utilizing these flavors in your menu you will be able to bring a festive atmosphere to the event. From fresh berries and citrus to butternut squash and cranberries your choices are endless. Employing a professional caterer to help put together the perfect menu for your event is always a great idea. Catering companies can bring fun menus idea to the table such as serving fruit skewers with assorted dipping sauces and dry mixes as well as hosting a build your-own tacos, sliders or sundae bars. These simple guest friendly inspired menus are always a hit regardless the age of the guest. Of course chicken fingers with lots of sauces and macaroni and cheese go over very well for just about every kid party imaginable.

Kid’s birthday parties are a great opportunity for you show your loved ones you care by making their day extra special. Planning games and activities for guests to do is a great way to break the ice. Fun games like bobbing for apples or a bean bag toss will get all your guests participating and are simple enough for everyone to enjoy. Depending on the event you are hosting, you may even consider doing more challenging games or ones that are theme appropriate.

In today’s society some sweet sixteens, bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras and 1st birthdays are celebrated as if the child was royalty. With that being said, sometime the stress of hosting these events can over shadow the fun parts. Utilizing a catering company for your next backyard event is a way to take all the stress out of it and actually have a party that you can attend as a guest.



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