All-Time Favorite Colorado Rocky Mountain Wedding Trend!

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Getting married in Colorado is something special! Our amazing scenery and beautiful weather means that our natural surroundings make the perfect venue for just about any kind of wedding theme, but for me weddings with a little extra Rocky Mountain flare are the best. Here’s how to pull off my all-time favorite Colorado Rocky Mountain wedding theme!

Welcome to Cowgirl Chic! Let me just start off by saying, I love this idea, but I get it if you prefer glitz and glam, which this is totally not! To pull off a cowgirl chic wedding you need to create a laid back atmosphere that says sit back, enjoy a beer, and who care is our shoes get dirty! Pick a nice ranch setting and plan the wedding for early morning or evening. In the Boulder, Colorado area there are tons of privately owned ranches that rent out space for events, as well as several chic mountain ranch resorts you should consider. Try to choose a setting that offers you access to a barn or horses and be sure to incorporate them into the theme for a truly unique experience. This is an awesome way to play off the lifestyle that this so popular around Colorado and has deep roots here too! Imagine the amazing pictures you would get even if you just set up the tent near the pasture!

Chose a tablescape that is neutral in color and has tons of natural elements. Here is where you will want to add some personal touches that say why this is the perfect wedding for you. I like the idea of having horseshoe table numbers, darker brown base cloths and burlap overlays, Mason Jars for water glasses, a tin watering can with wildflowers and a few old Wild West pictures for the centerpieces. Embellish the table setting by adding cow skin napkin holders and simple white napkins. You can do a cow skin drape on your welcome table and cow skin cake too! Complete the visual aspect of the theme by having your wedding party wear cowboy boots and/or hats! Brides could even wear a gorgeous flowing fluffy white skirt topped with a light blue jean shirt and western style turquoise jewelry! SOOO cute!

For food serve a true or authentic cowboy meal.   If you plan for an early day wedding I suggest doing hearty frittatas baked in cast iron pans, fried ham steaks, maple-baked beans, country style potatoes, sweet old fashioned pies, dark coffee, and lots of yummy fall fruits and dairy fresh rustic cheeses! OMG Yummmmm! Serve sun brewed ice tea with orange slices, light-tasting beer, and of course your favorite white wine! A fun way to make a quick “cowgirl punch” is to combine all three of the beverages I just mentioned, plus a shot of regular water and ice into a pint glass and garnish with whatever fruit you have on hand. Totally refreshing and delicious!